Live from President Obama’s Second Inauguration: on-site in Washington, D.C.

I never considered myself as a person who really cared about politics, but in the last five years I’ve had a bit of an awakening. Life has a way of opening your eyes when you step out of your comfort zone. I attribute this change to moving from the suburbs to the city as well as learning more about myself through daily interactions with friends, co-workers, family and strangers. Barack Obama is the first President that I’ve been able to connect with. He represents pillars in my life that I hold dear: diversity, change, progress, tolerance and equality. So when I was asked if I would like to attend the inauguration, the answer was simple…OF COURSE…

This was going to be something bigger than me. To gather with a sea of people from different racial and spiritual backgrounds to witness a historical event makes you feel proud to be an American. As President Obama spoke, it felt like the entire crowd was one. We were a group of people proud to have someone that represented all of us; gay, straight, black, white, young & old. He is our voice, he embodies the spirit of a better America; an America where everyone has a voice.

As the President continued to speak, an electrifying pulse went through the crowd. Seeing him speak live brings with it an energy that cannot be duplicated when watching him speak on television. He has an incredible ability to speak to the individual even in a crowd one million strong. His no holds barred approach to the real issues that Americans face were well received by everyone. This is his second term and America has spoken, it is clearly understood that not only does this President have our back, but we have his as well. take from this experience a renewed sense of what it means to be an American. We, the people, have another four years of progress to look forward to, as well as the honor of watching history be made by a true people’s President.

julesexum Live from President Obamas Second Inauguration: on site in Washington, D.C.

Jules Exum

Jules Exum is a veteran of the music industry. She covers political issues and other topics, and recently covered the Presidential Inauguration for Stabley Times.